A gritty action-adventure alien romance series filled with political intrigue.

She’s been captured, stuck in a poacher’s cage, and slated for sale, but these aliens don’t know who they’re messing with

Doctoring Fate

Aliens desperately want what’s in her blood, and it’s up to him to get it—but all he wants is her heart.

Doctoring Fate

Coming Soon

A gritty sci-fi romance series where humans are being enslaved by aliens and each other

She’s been sentenced, transported, and now she’s being… abducted?

cover for the book mate for the alien porn star

One filthy night wasn’t supposed to be forever.

Binge read the completed Omegas of OAN series Now. Sci-Fi sweet & steamy omegaverse romance.

Omega Swipes Right

Dating App Romance

MMF, Accidental Heat, Breeding

Omega for Rent

Fake Dating, Real Feelings

Beauty & the Beast Retelling


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