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A signed copy of Omega Swipes Right, Omegas of OAN#0

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A signed paperback copy of Omega Swipes Right, the prequel novella for the Omegas of OAN Series. Enter your personalization request in the notes at checkout or e-mail us at alexisosborneromance@gmail.com

This omega can’t stop running away and her Alpha’s up for the chase

Gwen doesn’t date Alphas.

They’re rude, entitled jerks, and she doesn’t want to deal with it. She just wants a nice, sweet boyfriend who doesn’t like her omega dynamic more than her. That’s why she exclusively dates betas, but when her best friend snags her datapad and matches her with a new super-cute guy on Swiper Gwen doesn’t know that she’s in for a shock.

Because Piotr is smart, cute, and caring . . . but he’s an Alpha.

Dr. Piotr Wyse is married to his job and the aliens just can’t seem to quit invading New York.

He doesn’t have time to date even though he’d like to have someone special in his life and maybe even start a family one day. Then his coworker makes a Swiper account for him and sets him up on a date. Gwen is sweet, charming, and gorgeous.

The problem? She keeps running away from him . . . and Piotr is getting desperate to chase her.

Can Gwen and Piotr both learn how to bend a little?

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